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Forest Almond Flavour

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Tree’s treasures

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Gathering nuts, on shrub or tree, can be laborious work. Reaping the beans tucked inside the fleshy fruit of the coffee cherry is equally demanding. But the ensuing delight is worth the work. The gifts given to us by trees are no small thing. FOREST ALMOND FLAVOUR celebrates both the harvest bestowed on us by the forest and the delicious and complex nutty aromas found in many high-quality coffees around the coffee belt. This South American Arabica blend’s inherent cereal character is an ode to harvest season. Into that smooth and familiar taste comes almond, touches of vanilla and a light fruitiness. A cornucopia of aromatics extolsthe abundance offered by both the forest and coffee trees. To celebrate all that flavour, Nespresso is stepping in to help protect 10 million trees from being cut down in the Amazon rainforest. Johanna Ortiz—Colombian designer and active supporter in the fight against climate change—brings the heart and soul of this passion to protect trees and nature to life in her vibrant and beautiful design of our Festive 2021 capsules.



Brazil - Colombia
Split roast, the Brazilian coffee is lightly roasted to keep it smooth and with all its malted cereal notes intact, while the majority of the Colombian coffee beans get a short roast to release all their finer aromatics. A fine grind adds a glimmer of intensity to this harmonious coffee.
Where does the flavour end and the Arabicas’ aromatics begin? The espresso brims with almond aromas, sweet nuttiness, vanilla, and a light fruitiness.
10 original capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

Ingredients & allergens.
Roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules).
56 g

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Made in Switzerland